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Macdonaj 14 days ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

This is the best breakfast burrito I've ever had! I love the fried egg inside and it makes this burrito unique among breakfast burritos. My boyfriend lives in SGV and makes a point to get a choriman burrito every time he comes to San Pedro.

Blink 28 days ago

Chori-Bean and Cheese Burrito (No Meat)

We've been here so many times because the food is very good. I've tried all the chorizo flavors and they're all delicious. They had chocolate horchata once and that was the bomb!

Deannagomez0902 about 2 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

The best best best burrito in my life bro!

J0shuar 3 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

Easily the best breakfast burrito I've ever tried. Getting the egg sunny side up means the yolk breaks all over the burrito making an amazing eating experience. Have been fortunate enough to live close by and also buy their chorizo by the lb. incredible place.

Steve 3 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

Had the breakfast burrito today with the Tolucan Green chorizo and it was amazing. The chorizo was delicious and perfectly spiced. This was the second time I've had this and I'm already looking forward to the third. Maybe next time I'll buy the 1lb package so I can make one at home.

Noel789 4 months ago

Argentinian Chorizo

Off the charts amazing taste....made and served by off the charts amazing an off the charts amazing place....Big love to all things Choriman!

Vaporhood1 4 months ago

Smoked Beef Brisket

We tried the brisket on a Chori-Man Quesadilla and were not disappointed. Easily the tenderest brisket I've ever had! It nearly melted in my mouth. Going to try it on the Torta next!

Dylankarzen 4 months ago

Chori-Bean and Cheese Burrito

This is my go to option every time I come here because it has everything I love. Perfectly cooked beans, a tender tortilla, and that amazing, one of a kind chorizo. I switch up the type is sausage each time because I love them all so much. I usually get a taco on the side if I want to try more than one type of chorizo when I visit.

Doug 4 months ago

Four Soft Tacos

Try to get there every Thursday I'm in town. LOVE the tacos. I've even started buying the Red to take to friends who don't live in the area. I tell all my friends to stop off at the Alma Corner.

Clapsters 4 months ago

Four Soft Tacos

Great tacos, but all their options are great and freshly made. And remember they have a great brisket option if you want something other then chorizo!!

Erin 4 months ago

Tolucan Green Chorizo

Wow - OMG - drool worthy - and amazing. I was given the amazing Tolucan Green Chorizo, the other day. Once I thawed it out, and opened up the package - knew I would be hooked. It cooked up quick and I made my own breakfast burritos (because I start work before you open and well I am over in Signal Hill) - that I have brought to work, this last week. So flavorful - not overly spicy at all.

Jombie2000 5 months ago

Taco Thursdays

Taco Tuesday? Wait two days for the truly best taco special in town. It's worth it! What's not to like about the best chorizo in L.A.? It's the best introduction to Chori Man for newbies when you order one taco of each chorizo.

Victoria 5 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

My love affair with the Choriman Breakfast Burrito! One night on my facebook a picture of the hottest looking Burrito I had even seen caught my eye. In my lifetime I had seen many Burritos but this one was special it had a story behind the tortilla. I said to myself I must try this chorizo, every day I kept thinking about the chorizo. You know these are things a fluffy girl thinks about well atleast I do! It was a Saturday morning in San Pedro like all early mornings in Pedro it was over cast a little chilly but just right for something spicy and warm in my belly. We pull up and see the cuties little shop red and white with a small door, the entry to my new love affair. I just knew by the aroma in the air that we would finally be one. I saw many things that caught me eye, tacos, quesadillas, pozole but I stayed focused I looked right into the eyes of the cashier and said with complete fluffy girl eyes THE BREAKFAST BURRITO THE RED CHORIZO...please! I sat outside waiting for my order and low and behold one of the owners came out sat with us and told all about his dream and how he got us there. Our food finally came out, and there it was just like the theme song to Star Wars I was ready for battle. It came in a silver aluminium wrap cut in half so i can see the chorizo and fried eye looked like a Sap Pedro sunset at Cabirllo beach. The smell of spices and the chorizo was like being a abuelas house for a sleep over. My first bite was full of papas, chorizo and the salsa not to mention the eggs dripping from the side of my mouth I was in heaven. I told myself thats it I found the best breakfast CHORIZO burrito ever! My new love affair with the Choriman has now kept super fluffy.

Afranz 5 months ago

Zacatecano Red Chorizo

Friendly, responsive staff serving delicious food. I've had just about everything they offer at one time or another, and it's all been tasty. I'm particularly drawn to the Taco Thursday 4-for-$4 deal! ***** Arriba Zacatecas! Arriba Antonio Aguilar!

Vidyavarani 6 months ago

The Chori-Man Quesadilla

Once upon a time I had a Chori-Man Kimchi Quesadilla. It must have been a special because I don't see it on the menu now. If you are so lucky to see it on the Special List, do it! It was a trendsetting only-in-LA experience.

Sams 6 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

The Argentinian and Red Chorizos are my go-tos - either in the Torta or breakfast Burrito. Especially when paired with one of the delicious homemade agua-frescas and his chunky jalapeno salsa. pro-tip buy some frozen chorizo by the pound to take home and make with some eggs.

Mojoblanco 6 months ago

Three Soft Tacos

Tres chicken tacos! Da bomb! Smart to be open on Sundays. I've had good tacos all over the country and I'm proud to say that The Choriman is right at the top. Go Pedro ! Nice treat...

Bella 7 months ago

Chori-Nachos or Chori-Papas

The Chori-Nachos are phenomenal... but I don't know what I like better, the friendly staff or the chorizo!! Maple Habanero is also delicious on nachos but very spicy... so I usually stick with my Argentinian and some homemade jalapeno relish to add a kick. I love this place so much and if your not familiar with chorizo, well then give it a try and I guarantee you wont regret it!

Aesquibel 7 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

This is the only chorizo burrito I will ever eat. Ever again. Ever. Chori-Man knocks it out of the park. My only experience with chorizo has been less than pleasant. Usually greasy and too spicy for my taste, but some friends brought us here for breakfast and I can't wait to come back or get some picked-up/catered for Sunday football. Super flavorful, hand-crafted/artisan quality. And I've been CRAVING the passionfruit the agua fresca!

Patrick 7 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

It isn't a weekend unless we order the breakfast burrito with red chorizo. This is the most delicious breakfast burrito that we have ever had. All of their food is excellent, especially the specials. This is one of our favorite places to eat in Los Angeles.

Pkmiloe 16 days ago

Chile Relleno Burrito

Best breakfast burrito of all time! Try everything here, but get this first. For quality, flavor, and consistency, The ChoriMan gets it handled every time.

Gled1214 about 1 month ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

This dish did not disappoint-full of flavor and just delicious! My new hot spot:)

Jadamz420 2 months ago

Four Soft Tacos

Great variety of different chorizos on four tacos gives you a true sample of all the amazing flavors chiroman has to offer

Cecilia 3 months ago

Tolucan Green Chorizo

First time I tried the green chorizo tacos, it was love at first bite Hands down the best tasting I've ever had. Full of flavor in every bite. When they opened their shop, I had to go try other items on menu. Everything I have tried has been absolutely amazing!!! Burritos, brisket, menudo-TODO DELICIOSO!!! I don't live locally to San Pedro, but I will be visiting again soon. Always recommending The Chori-Man!

Leinashimizu87 3 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

This is the best! The chorizo is absolutely, spot-on amazing! You have to try it once... And then you will be hooked and will keep coming back. Wish they had a couple other locations because I live a little far.

Chris 4 months ago

Chile Relleno Burrito

This isn't Mexican food, it is Latin cuisine without the price. I texted my wife and daughter after I had the chile relleno burrito. I also had chorizo and a beef taco. If you want more than the gringo experience and want to enjoy the passion of the food and the man making it, you gots to get there!!!

Vaporhood1 4 months ago

Chipotle Braised Beef

We get the breakfast burrito alternately with chorizo or Braised Beef. The beef is becoming our favorite. It's so tender and has a slight spicy kick to it that just makes it pop. Now we also get it on our quesadilla. Those two items are Sunday morning breakfast favorite.

Carmenbmancha 4 months ago

Maple Habanero Chorizo

Omg this chorizo is delicious. Perfect combination of sweet and spicy. I ate mines with potatoes but can only imagine the deliciousness this will bring in eggs and other recipes. So gooodddd. Worthy of the drive from Inglewood to San Pedro.

Bob 4 months ago

Zacatecano Red Chorizo

Hey Choriman! I bought 6 pounds of your red chicken cooked chorizo to use in my Thanksgiving Day stuffing. It was INCREDIBLE! The flavor, the subtle spice, the texture, it elevated a dish I have been making for years to a new, higher level. Thank you SO much for making your chorizo with the love that you do. I am a customer for life!!

Kimicelt 4 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

I love the maple habanero breakfast burrito!! It has become a Sunday tradition!! It is sweet and spicy with a nice afterburn!! The flavor is do die for!!! I always get extra potatoes!! This place is the best!

Adriiii73 5 months ago

The Chori-Man Quesadilla

It's was very delicious

Grace 5 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

The Breakfast burritos are the best! When I first started eating them, I was hooked on the red chorizo...then I tried the green chorizo. Oh, both so yummy. Then a year ago, I ventured to try the Chipotle Braised Beef. Oh so good. A friend recommended the Maple Habanero, and that has become my new favorite! I work every other Friday and always stop in to get my co-workers and me our favorite Chori Man breakfast burritos!! We live for Breakfast Burrito Friday's!!

Spgabe99 5 months ago

Chile Relleno Burrito

Great burrito with the green chorizo! Burrito is very flavorful and a perfect size for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of my favorites.

Kenhe 5 months ago

Chori-Bean and Cheese Burrito

Best chorizo and burritos and coffee. Salsas are good Can't go wrong.

Theodore 6 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

This is a breakfast burrito experience. Not only is the Tolucan style chorizo my new favorite, but the entire package is, for lack of a better word, perfect. The tortilla is fluffy with the perfect amount of chew. The eggs are fried perfectly on the flat top grill so they have a little crispy-crunch around the edges with an almost jelly-like, but runny yolk. The seasoning on the potatoes is the perfect amount of earthy and when combined with a little bit of cheese they bring a Mariana Trench depth to this meal. I just moved to San Pedro 6 weeks ago and have had one of these burritos every Saturday after the first and each burrito was exactly as the one before. To reiterate, it is a breakfast burrito experience meaning that the individual elements are done extremely well, but when combined, it becomes the best breakfast burrito I have ever had in my life.

Drudy 6 months ago

The Chori-Man Breakfast Burrito

Excellent! I was in the area looking to eat and saw Artisan Chorizo... you never see this... such a niche specialty...And it was amazing. Best chorizo I've ever had. Well done!!

Moediaz28 7 months ago

Chori-Bean and Cheese Burrito Box

I crave the bean and cheese burrito everyday!!! So good !!! Recently I did a challenge to go pescatarian for a year and the soyrizo is just as good !! Service is amazing , staff is friendly and fast , one of the best additions to San Pedro neighborhood !

Landinc77 7 months ago

Chile Relleno Burrito

Absolutely delicious! The Chile tells I goes perfectly with the red chorizo! Also tried the breakfast burrito with red chorizo and it's a hunger pleasing burrito!!!

Steve 7 months ago

Four Soft Tacos

My first trip to the Chori-Man and I got the 4 tacos. I got to of the red and two of the green. The green had a very smooth and mild flavor, while the red was spicier and had the more traditional flavor. Both worked very well as tacos and I now want to try them as either a torta or burrito.

Jennifer 7 months ago

Housemade Salsa

The green jalapeño relish is sooooooo amazing!


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