Humberto Raygoza

Meet Our Founder

My name is Humberto "The Chori-Man" Raygoza, a 4th generation artisan chorizo maker. After years of learning my craft from my Dad and uncles back in Zacatecas, Mexico I decided to start my own business. My journey began in West L.A. and took me to my current brick and mortar in San Pedro, CA.

In March 2013, I launched "The Chori-Man Artisan Chorizos & Sausages." When I first started, I made 100 lbs every three months and sold my product door to door from a little cooler on wheels, which I named The Chori-Mobile. Within the year I increased to 400 lbs a month, and we now sell over a few thousand pounds per month.

What began with my first partnerships with Del Rey Deli Co., The Federal Bars in Long Beach and North Hollywood, and the Hudson House has now grown to a partnership with over 20 amazing restaurants, boutique markets, and distributors in the greater Los Angeles.

In 2018 I had the honor of being named Best Chorizo of Los Angeles, by LA Weekly's BEST OF L.A. issue, and have since been featured in several incredible publications. The support and love felt by the community we've built the last few years, gives us the strength, courage, and joy to keep going. 

The pandemic tested us far beyond anything we've ever experienced. From supplies shortages, inflation, and staffing challenges; not to mention seeing friends and loved ones losing family members, homes and beloved busineses at a devastating rate. It really left us wondering if we'd make it.  

We are still standing. A little weathered, but here we stand.

I am incredibly thankful to still be here to feed you, serve you, and grow, with your continued love and support.

Gracias por todo.